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Bogo will buy your used cds, dvds, games & gadgets for cash and even pay for the postage to send them to us! Simply enter the barcode of the item you would like to sell to see what we'd give ya for it.

Don't know the barcode? No problem, click here to search by product name.

Bogo supports Cancer Research UK. When you have added the products you want to sell you will have the option to be paid cash or donate the money to charity. If you choose to donate the money to charity we will add an extra 10% to the value out of our own pockets.

When you use Bogo not only are you making some cash but you are also helping the environment. Reuse is the best form of recycling as it means no landfil and conformance to the new ROHS regulations on the proper and eco-friendly disposal of waste electronics.

Are you a school, government organisation or business with bulk items to dispose of? If so Bogo can help you sell your old laptops and PDAs for cash. We also work with schools on fund raising events that bring in a lot more cash for the school than traditional schemes.